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Mould Manufacturing

  Junyi is a highly professional plastic injection molds manufacturing company.We specialize in complex, high-precision plastic injection molds components and assemblies. For nearly 15 years, we continue expanding our capabilities to meet each challenge. Junyi has invested millions of dollars to improve our technology in plastic injection molds manufacturing.We use the latest in High speed machining for Quick turn around and excellent Quality.Our machine workshop is operated from DNC/PC link or network directly from designers to the shop floor, where highly skill operators create their own machining programmers. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our quality, speed, and attention to detail.Our skilled technicians are capable of meeting and even exceeding the customer’s demands on quality.We make the tool right the first time. Whether you have simple parts, or complicated tight tolerance parts, Junyi can handle your plastic injection molds needs. Experienced operators and a variety of large and small machines enable us to handle complex shapes and close tolerances on any size mold.

  Leading edged technological process and first-class employees are the guarantee to supply our customers across the world with high quality mold and products.



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