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The real great design is for the poors
Release time: 2016年04月15日

The product design, can quickly affect the world, from the large airliner to small 

spoon & pots, are all the result of product design.


Product Design makes life beautiful,  and influences people's lives in the smart 

product everywhere,  today there are a growing number of small products changes our 

life more colorful.



Bathing equipment designed for poor areas. 


For some poor people, washing a comfortable hot bath is a luxury thing. Because 

of differences in the fields and living conditions, many places don't have the 

conditions to use pressurized hot water to bathe, cook and clean. To solve this 

problem, designers designed a secure portable electric heaters.

It consists of three parts:

Hot water heater (Boil water heater is something similar to quick heater)

15 minutes heated for 5 gallons of water to 110 degrees 


Stamped booster

The water usage depends on your strength  




The entire heating system can provide  two adults or three children shower. 

It's very convenient and energy conservation. 


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