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Discussing Chinese plastic injection mold lacking innovation ability
Release time: 2016年03月30日


Many friends know that Chinese plastic mold industry has five key issues at present, of which lacking innovation 

is compared to be conspicuous, and then do you know which aspects does our plastic mold innovation lacking of?


Famous Dongguan plastic mold factory Junyi Hardware & Plastic Co.,Ltd , as a  professional plastic mold manufacturer, 

will do a brief discussion with everyone.


Dongguan plastic mold factory Junyi writes: Our country plastic mold industrial performances in this aspects for the 

lacking innovation:  one is the small proportion of technical staff, low level; on the other hand is less investment in research 

and development; the third is  the lagging notion of this industry, not paying attention to product innovation and developement. 

Junyi Hardware & Plastic Co.,Ltd suggests, only all the plastic mold factory value the mold development  and product innovation

will Chinese plastic mold industry makes rapid development.