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the importance of injection mold salesman
Release time: 2016年03月21日

With the rapid development of international trade, the overseas have large demand of injection mold, 

and Chinese factory all has their own international sales department, in the purpose of international 

injection mold dealing and product design etc. However, between the foreign customers and factory, 

the salesman plays a vital role, and we can’t ignore their importance.  


As an injection mold salesman, we need to have a full knowledge about this industry, knowing about 

the demands of customers and the concepts of product design. First , when customer told us they 

have a project needs to open mold, we need to ask for 3D  drawing or samples, usually they all have 

3D design; after we get the drawing, the following information is also needed, such as product material,

 quantity,tolerance requirement,color,surface dealing etc. All these information are received, we send 

the drawing to engineering department, communicating  with the engineer about product mold making 

possibility, if the product design needs to be modified, sometimes the material is too thick, reducing 

material or somewhere is designed unreasonable, having effects on mold stripping, we need to send 

these feedback to our clients when quotation. These are all the preparation for the production well, 

of course, we need to respect for our client suggestion, some designs are for special purpose, we can

change the product design, so we need to give some targeted solution. Among these product drawing 

communication, all replying on the salesman, regardless the poor professional knowledge or misunderstanding 

of the translation, they all have huge influence on product.


In the eye of customers, we are engineer; and in the opinion of our engineer, we are designers; in the 

boss’s shoes, we also need to  be a accountant, mastering the benefit of the product. When both side 

are agreed, we need to following the mold processing progress. The engineering department finished 

the mold design, we need to send it to our client for checking without delay, only getting the mold design 

approval of our clients, we can start to make mould. During mould processing, we need to send photos 

of the progress to  our clients regularly. Usually 20-30days, the mold is finished, the engineer ans salesman

 are all present when testing mold, product molding and injection report needs to be given to our customers, 

at the same time,we should inspect the product sample like an quality  inspector. The first trying out, 

we will send 5-10 pcs samples to our client for checking quality & assembly, our clients wil send feedback 

within one week. The quality and assembly are confirmed, our clients will place order to us, the first mass 

production isn’t limited about the quantity, 200pcs, 500pcs we can all make for you. Once the salesman 

get the customers project, he should master the development all the time, because you dont know which 

day customers will ask about their product condition, you must always be ready.


The salesman also needs to understand product assembly faster, so they can tell the professional person

 how this product needs to be assembled, and what things shall be especially mentioned.A salesman must

 have the comprehensive ability to solve problems, our company salesman all needs to be trained in the 

plant for half a month before they are working, and the ones who passed the assessment can stay in our 


Salesman are like the bridge, the customers and factory are in the opposite direction, they must go through 

the bridge to get each other. How important is the salesman