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Junyi Plastic / China plastic parts manufacturing company
Release time: 2016年02月23日

Junyi Plastics is recognized as the leader in plastic injection molding of custom complex plastic parts and complex plastic assemblies. 

For many years OEMs from a wide range of industries have partnered with Junyi Plastics and our engineering team to design and mold very complex plastic parts, from deisign to manufacturing, we make each small step to details and reach customer's requirement. The finished products assembly is also the lightspot of Junyi Company.

Our experience in complex plastic injection molding includes high cavitation molds, high quality molds, precision die and molds, complex multi-cavity and multi-slide molds. Some solutions include metal to plastic conversions, or the combination of multiple parts and integration of secondary operations into the plastic injection molding operation, using techonlogies such as multi-shot molding, overmolding or in-mold decorating and labeling.

Junyi Plastics expertise and innovation working with the latest developments in engineered plastic resins, advanced molding manufacturing technology and plastic injection molding processes, also contribute to the success OEMs have achieved with Junyi Platics on their complex plastic parts and assemblies.

Early supplier involvement is an important part of the design and engineering process for complex plastic parts and assemblies. Working together in the part and mold design stage helps ensure that all your needs are met and will save time and investment cost.

With plastic injection molding capabilities and expertise at each department of our factory, Junyi Plastic is equipped to serve around the globe.

You can count on the Junyi Plastics engineering team to assist your team with all your plastic injection molding needs, including complex plastic parts and assembly.