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Junyi Mold Came Back To Work From Holiday
Release time: 2016年02月18日

After half a month's holiday, Junyi Hardware & Plastic Co.,Ltd runs again. During this new year, we promise to make high quality products to our customers and consider more for clients. Our factory has one extra experience in 2016, almost 15 years experience in plastic injection mold, prototytpe, molding, tooling, mould design, painting and assembly. Welcome to send inquiry to us, we will value each quotation and make our most concession for you. 

Each year, we will make wishes for the new year,we burn joss-sticks and set off firecrackers before our factory. This means a harvest year for the facotry. What's more, each staff can get a piece of Lucky Red Envelopes. 

We stick to make profession and high quality! Wish all of you happy working and nice life!