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Hardware Dip feature
Release time: 2016年01月18日

The use of vinyl resin sol (Vinyl Plastisol) in metal parts surface dip coating process or shower drape is my company from the United States introduced metal coating technology. We call this new material coated metal parts in many technology products, so that after the metal surface of the product after processing resin sol protective film. This resin sol of the metal protective film can get a good anti-corrosion effect, but also has good resistance to abrasion and chemical resistant properties; In addition, this resin sol material also has anti-conductance, slip resistance and slightly flexible, etc. .

Vinyl resin coated sol has long been used as a protective coating the surface of metal parts of the advanced countries, in addition to being used for other than daily utensils. Also widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry facilities, chemical facilities, power facilities, water conservancy facilities, transportation facilities, construction and so on.

 I use this material drape technology. In the country has been a leader, regardless of material quality or processing procedures, are strictly cf. US or European standards to operate. All metal parts before making dip or flow coating coated, have to undergo the necessary phosphate rust treatment, then we also adopted a special adhesive end processing, which track viscose process can make the surface of metal parts and resin film adhesion between closely to improve the quality of the product. So I produced the resin coating metal dip product surface. Less susceptible to external damage peeling, durable life products up to more than 8 years.

In the application of this resin coated sol technology. I not only have the ability to customize the production of high quality resin sol material, but we also have a mature exquisite processing technology and production experience, has produced many series of products, such as leisure furniture, planting flower boxes, trash, roots cover, isolation fence, highway guardrail and other outdoor products and facilities

 . I produced the metal dip products. The appearance of beautiful colors, hard and tough. Even long-term use in the outdoor environment is not easy to fade. And resin sol material added to a flame retardant. So all products are high durability, and easy maintenance, ideal for use as a public place facilities.