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Identification analysis plastic factory plastic material
Release time: 2016年01月18日

1, PP material characteristics: soft material toughness, nontoxic, relatively high temperatures, poor plasticity, plastic difficult, lack luster surface, showing a matte

Sensory identification: white transparent, compared with LDPE high transparency, there is sound when rubbed.

Combustion identification: the combustion flame under blue yellow, smells like oil, melt dripping, no smoke when burned.

 2, PET material characteristics: This material is environmentally friendly materials, good hardness, transparency, strong, bright surface.

Sensory identification: white transparent, feel hard, there is the sound when rubbed. Look like PP.

Combustion identification: black smoke when burning, the flame flashover, burned black carbonized material surface, rub your fingers burned black carbide, carbide powder.

 3, PVC material characteristics: It is one of the largest plastic packaging materials use, affordable, high toughness, good shape, it will become brittle when in case of cold weather, easily broken.

Sensory identification: mimicking the appearance of EVA but flexible.

Combustion identification: the combustion of black smoke from the fire Jimie, burning surface was black, no melt dripping.

 4, PP + PET material characteristics: This material is part of a composite material, the surface Sekisawa, wear good plasticity.

Sensory identification: Appearance like PP, high transparency, rubbing sound when greater than PP.

Combustion identification: black smoke when burning, the flame flashover burning black surface charring.

 5, PE + PP copolymer material: low density, medium density and high density polyethylene points, soft, less use of this material.

Sensory identification: The product compared with LDPE, transparency is much higher than LDPE, and LDPE feel no difference, tear test very like PP film, only quality transparent pure white.

Combustion identification: This product is fully yellow flame, melt dripping, no smoke, smells like oil.