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The control method of plastic packaging production factors
Release time: 2016年01月18日

1, plastic mold is critical. Heating element must be uniform four weeks, the level of one to not have a lot of joint, otherwise plastic poorly.

2, the paper, the first paper itself to meet the requirements of plastic, white plastic test done before printing, printing only after OK, now on the market, the effect is good with white plastic first white paper Hansol and white horse.

3, plastic machines have temperature and pressure control timing to master, if it means that the film is burned or hot temperature for too long.

4. Many types of plastic oil, a common plastic oil, green plastic oil, plastic oil strong. Different oil corresponding to different types of paper, plastic material portion corresponding to the same. Into the pet material is necessary to use a white board of Hansol Hansol Paper and green plastic oil. PVC materials can be used duplex board paper and plastic have ordinary match.

5. Different PVC / PET plastic sheet thickness on a large effect, the thick sheet of plastic is generally more easily blister packaging supplies plastic cover material thickness 0.15 to $ 2, less than $ 2 a plastic enclosures difficult sucked on.

6, the printed ink on the plastic effect great influence: the ground large brush effect should be a lot worse, especially fluorescent ink composition, after the printing ink to dry plastic.

7, printing ink dried over plastic oil to make plastic test,

8, plastic also has a relationship with the pressure, but many machines can not adjust pressure, if you find you can increase the pressure on the blister does not try again.

9, after the plastic packing can be done again fall test.