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Plastic products which the primary attention of several parties
Release time: 2016年01月18日

1.plastic molding

According to customer needs to provide standard or sample, first make a good plastic mold, when used in the production of plastic molding die, the lowest cost on the market is plaster mold, followed by electroplating copper mold, aluminum mold is the most expensive. Die drilled holes for vacuum heat of adsorption of hard film, automatic plastic body into plastic products.

After making good plaster mold, let it dry naturally or dry thoroughly. Will eventually have to dispose of plaster mold and hard, and hard disposition is full of concentrated liquid alum soaked dried.

2.boring after treatment

Will make a good mold mounted on the upper iron vacuum chamber, and then based on die size, the plastic sheet carrying into applicable standards and criteria, and then put a sheet over this heated lockers so completely fixed, then lockers together with a plastic sheet set thermostatic oven to soften disposal.

3.vacuum forming

The good plastic sheet softened along with the disposal of the lockers, placed in a vacuum chamber, inhale start switch, the vacuum sucking indoor air clean, to be a plastic sheet to cool, and molds to obtain the same package or technology concave mold.

4.blister pack

The plastic machine made out of commodity is packed plastic products trimming merchandise, then they can sell after packaging.