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Blister market matures
Release time: 2016年01月18日

  At present, China's plastic products industry production situation is generally stable, the economy steady intake. With the improvement of the rapid development of plastic industry and general engineering plastics in terms of strength, range of applications is constantly expanding plastic products, the amount of plastic products is on the rise. China Plastic Processing Industry Association, Gui Jing Qian said that the domestic plastic industry has entered a "on the level, quality" stage, companies must focus on technological upgrading and innovation.

  Statistics show that China's output of plastic products in 2012 nearly 60 million tons, and continues to grow in the process, we can see domestic demand for China plastic mold industry has a huge impetus. At present, China plastic processing industry remained stable growth, but the decline was greater growth.

  Currently, the industry's main business income has been ranked the forefront of all light industry, profits steady growth, a loss of monthly decline, the industry growth rate of fixed assets remained stable, but exports of plastic products Customs cumulative growth rate of monthly decline, industry size export delivery value of enterprises above the increase is still negative growth, export situation is generally sluggish development of the industry have a greater role in the constraints. Estimated annual plastic products industry will maintain a moderate pace of development.

  Plastic processing enterprises in the domestic construction, SMEs account for the majority, most of them in order to produce low-end plastic necessities, many plastic products, poor materials, poor quality, can be 15 years of similar foreign products, in the country less than five years would phase out, lack of temptation and competitiveness. Many companies caught in the plight of low-end price competition, for which many experts pointed out that enterprises must speed up the promotion of quality upgrading, take the road of sustainable environmental protection.

  Since the plastic industry into the production season, in September began to speed up the production of plastic products, the rapid growth of the western region output. 1 ~ September the western region of plastic products production increase higher than the eastern region of nearly 22 percentage points. While traditional plastic commodity still has a broad market, however, raw material and labor costs continue to increase, making the low-cost advantage of domestic plastic enterprises gradually disappear.